Why should you learn with us?

COLAB is a teaching unit that aims to enhance intercultural learning through online preservice teacher education. COLAB is aimed specifically at strengthening preservice teachers' intercultural experiences, awareness and understandings. Offering COLAB within teacher education programs creates a starting point to engage students in diverse cultural encounters and experiences through the continually enhanced design of collaborative online assignments and interactions.

The objectives for COLAB is to help students to:

  • Develop intercultural insights
  • Reflect on their own intercultural understandings and development
  • Foster awareness of personal and cultural assumptions about teaching young children, and
  • Understand the process for moving beyond cultural assumptions to reflect more openly on cross-cultural situations.

"This specific experience allowed me to see an entirely new perspective that came from a comfortable space."

-COLAB Student

For University Educators

For Students

"During this ... experience, I feel that I was able to self-reflect in ways that I have not before. The main thing that stood out to me was my ability to determine the 'why' behind my behaviors and ask others questions in a respectful way regarding theirs. I feel that I was able to understand the components of intercultural competence through interacting with others from Wyoming and New Zealand, as we all have a common goal to teach young children and do so in similar/different ways."

-COLAB Student

Funded by the UTK Center for Global Engagement.